Covenant House Pennsylvania supporters, Lia and Chaz Howard, wanted to make a positive impact with the money their uncle, Ronald Peterson, left them in his estate. What better way to do that than to help our young mothers pass on the joy of reading to a new generation.


The new Reading to Succeed program supports the use of reading to strengthen the bond between our young moms and their children – and to fill these young minds with a love of reading.


It is hard for young moms to be ‘moms’ when they are searching for stability, and parenting support has been highlighted as a critical need by staff at Covenant House Pennsylvania.


By funding Reading to Succeed, Lia and Chaz will help buy children’s books for the program and pay for staff to spend quality time with these homeless young families, both one-to-one and through reading groups, to deepen the special and critical bond between a mother and child through the joys of reading.


You too can help support the Reading to Succeed by making a gift that will help inspire young lives and bring young families in challenging times closer together. 

Please give now!

It’s easy to give. Simply click the button below and select "Reading to Succeed" from the "Please direct my donation to" menu. If we are fortunate enough to receive enough funding for this program, we will direct additional funds to support our young mothers in other ways unless otherwise directed. Thank you.

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