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Street Outreach

Serving our most vulnerable youth

The aim of street outreach is to go out and meet young people where they are. The Covenant House Pennsylvania outreach team spends 4 to 5 days each week travelling throughout Philadelphia by van, on foot, or public transit. The outreach van is always stocked with food, drinks, hygiene products, blankets, or sleeping bags, clothing and underwear, and hats and gloves. Our goal is to communicate with and identify those young people who may need our help.




Street Outreach was the first program Covenant House Pennsylvania established. In 1999, we began services from a Drop-In Center, based in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, a neighborhood plagued by sex trafficking and severe opioid addiction. 


Not everyone we met needed our services but many knew of someone that did. So we gained the trust of those youth and encouraged them to refer someone else in need. Through peer to peer referrals, this 'pay it foward' model has helped many.





Sadly, homelessness can have many disastrous consequences, and one is becoming a victim of sex trafficking. One night on the street is the fastest way for a homeless youth to get drawn into this world. The pimps and predators who exploit homeless youth all too often lure them in with a promise of a meal and a place to stay.


Covenant House Pennsylvania also chairs the Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition [PATC]. Our street outreach team is trained to identify youth at-risk and address the needs of both homelessness and victims of human trafficking. 


To learn more about the work of the PATC please click here.

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