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Individualized Support

Planning a Path to Success

If you're on the streets worrying about your next meal or where you'll sleep that night, you often feel that no one cares. The idea that there are people who do care seems impossible to imagine. Many of us grew up in supportive homes where we learned how to be adults. For many homeless youth this is not the case and they come to us in search of people who can support and believe in them.


Our residential programs: our 76-bed Crisis Shelter and 20-bed Transitional Living Program, Rights of Passage, are safe places to call home for up to 700 homeless youth from across the Philadelphia region annually.


Young people come to us as a last resort. They come hoping for safety and support, but may be understandably skeptical at first. This is why building positive relationships with young people is key to the work of the agency and by far the most important thing we do. We understand that there will be stumbles - both great and small - and we know that we must leave room for failure. But we aim to create the type of environment that allows youth to fail safely.






Each and every young person needs a designated and trained individual to look out for them, to support and help nuture their talents and to keep them on track. At Covenant House Pennsylvania that person is a case manager.


Primary case managers are drawn from our team of dedicated Youth Advisors. The case manager is a young person's personal champion, someone that always has their best interests at heart. 


Each youth formulates a goal plan with their case manager and checks in regularly about their progress. This is the core of our work - holding both youth and staff to mutually-agreed commitments and goals.  

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