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Career & Educational Planning

Learning to Overcome the Barriers of Homelessness

Without a diploma, GED, or training, homeless young people are ill-equipped to find employment that covers even basic living costs. Soon, without resources and with insufficient funds, they are homeless once again. It is a pattern tragic and inevitable. It is vital that homeless young people can find the guidance, structure, and support required to help them move forward with their education, improve their job prospects, and find independence from homelessness.


On arrival at Covenant House Pennsylvania's newly renovated Education and Vocational Department – which includes 3 experienced support staff, desktop computers, a laptop, and television for course presentations - each young person takes a comprehensive educational and vocational assessment.


Educational assessments help determine the direction a young person should take - should they seek vocational training, pursue high school or GED classes, or attend college.


After assessment, a young person benefits from educational support. Educational support includes tutoring and remedial education groups and, as an alternative to a high school diploma (for those unable to attend high school due to age requirements or scheduling), we offer flexible on-site GED preparation classes.


During our vocational assessments, we review education history, any employment experience, and personal history. Staff then work with each individual to develop an Individualized Career and Education Plan – a step-by-step pathway into work.


Many young people also take advantage of Covenant House Orientation in Career Enhancement Skills (CHOICES), a weeklong class that offers job and career information. During the class, young people learn how to create resumes, job search, and perform at interviews. Young people also create a Life Map, which maps employment interests and goals.



When they head out to interviews, Covenant House Pennsylvania provides appropriate attire and travel costs. Finally, in collaboration with Accenture, a corporate partner, we now offer an enhanced new suite of employment skills training – Skills to Succeed – which makes use of expert corporate volunteers and cutting-edge online educational resources. 


In addition to all these great resources, Covenant House Pennsylvania utilizes Corporate Service Days in connection with community partners in the local business world to help expose our youth to a wide array of career possibilities. These companies come on-site or invite our youth off-site to learn about their industry and company and talk about any possible entry level positions available to them. They will then conduct a series of mock interviews tailored to their company to help give our youth additional skills as they seek employment. You can click here to learn more how your company can participate in a Corporate Service Day.


This full suite of services offers homeless young people in Philadelphia the best chance of finding employment and ensuring their continued independence and freedom from homelessness.

Education and Vocation Manager
David Reis
Educational Specialist
Victor Gimenez
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