Youth Stories

Youth stories / November 24, 2020

Surviving and thriving in spite of 2020

No one has been immune to the impact that this year has had on us all and the same can be said for our young people. Take a moment to read Gia's story and see how she continued to thrive even in the face of adversity.

Youth Stories
If I struggle, they got my back
“Life was pretty normal for me until around age 8 when I found out my dad wasn’t my biological dad and that my biological dad was dead. I can’t say why I started acting out or not following rules at home after that. But it happened and the older I got, the more dangerous my decisions got. At 14, I nearly died in a serious car accident doing things that I shouldn’t have been doing. Even though my dad rallied around me I still was ungrateful. At 15, I was about to become a father, and shortly after that I was locked up. I spent 4 long years behind bars. But I vowed to myself that when I got out things would be different.”
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