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Pledge a Plate

Covenant House Pennsylvania helps homeless youth by providing the support and services they need to transform their lives. And it starts with something as simple as a healthy meal. Now, through the rest of September, you can help support homeless youth by donating meals. Learn all about how you can Pledge a Plate below.








What is Pledge a Plate?

Pledge a Plate is our new month-long, social-media-driven campaign to run every September. As a part of Pledge a Plate, we are asking you to skip lunch, not go out to dinner with friends on the weekend, and/or cook at home and pack a lunch instead of eating out. Then we want you to pledge those savings to Covenant House Pennsylvania to help us feed up to 700 youth we shelter each year and those we come in contact with on the streets. When you make your pledge, we want you to share photos of yourself holding the sign - that you can download and print below - and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. using the hashtag: #pledgeaplate



Pledge a Plate will return September 2020!

Pleadge a Plate Call to Action

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