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Foundation Testimonials

Covenant House Pennsylvania prides itself on forging positive relationships with our donors and supporters. We strive to ensure that our donors feel connected to our work and see the impact of their donations on the lives of our youth. Read what some of our supporters have to say about working with us, below.

Patricia Kind Family Foundation


The Patricia Kind Family Foundation (PKKF) financially supports organizations that help people who struggle daily with the effects of poverty to obtain physical and mental health care and access related human services. They encourage practical, caring solutions to community problems by supporting preventive and direct service efforts.

What is compelling: "Covenant House PA is working with a high-need underserved population that many programs are ill-equipped to serve,” comments Valerie Kind-Rubin, Managing Trustee of the PKFF. “The continuum of care CHPA provides helps a young adult with more than just the immediate crisis of homelessness. Through quality medical and psychological treatment, they provide the opportunity for these adolescents to achieve stability and move forward with their lives.”


Fits our mission: “We support programs that help individuals and families obtain basic physical and mental health care when life’s obstacles have made it almost impossible to do so.”


In partnership: “We are pleased to be in partnership with Covenant House PA to reach homeless youth, and hope that they will continue to find ways to collaborate with other quality programs in the Philadelphia area.”


We are grateful for their support of our Connections Clinic.

Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation


The Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation seeks to end hunger and food insecurity in the five-county Philadelphia region and Indian River County, FL. The Foundation makes grants to support activities that address hunger and food insecurity through direct service programs and/or advocacy efforts. We are grateful for their support of Vital Food Provision for homeless youth.

What is compelling: "What makes Covenant House stand out to us,” explains Daphne Rowe, Executive Director of the Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation, “is two-fold: their focus on emergency food as a critical need, and moving young people toward self-sufficiency through education and empowerment. Covenant House’s effort to help youth transition from homelessness to sustainable, independent living, is truly impressive. Furthermore, their outreach work does a great job at connecting with under-served populations like youth who have aged out of foster care; those who identify as LGBTQ; young mothers; and human trafficking victims. We see this work as a big step forward to help reduce food insecurity in our region."


Fits our mission: "The opportunity to provide a grant for vital food provision, enabling staff and volunteers to use healthy food as a conduit to connect with homeless youth, is the type of programming the Foundation seeks to support. Additionally, more than just providing healthy food, Covenant House teaches young people how to prepare and cook meals, an important life skill. After the Foundation’s Board members and staff met the cooks and toured the kitchen and dining facilities, it was clear that healthy meals are a big part of the youths’ road to independence."


In partnership: "Since our funder-grantee relationship began, we have experienced a nice flow of communication and regular updates from the staff. The Covenant House team is not only proactive in sharing information, but also very responsive to our requests. We look forward to being more involved in their work as our partnership continues to unfold over the coming months."

The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust


W. W. Smith Charitable Trust is a private foundation established in 1977 by Philadelphia businessman William Wikoff Smith. The Trust is specifically focused on areas involving basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, supplementing higher education scholarship programs, supporting maritime education/maritime heritage preservation, and basic medical research in the areas of heart disease, cancer, and AIDS. We are grateful for their support of our Moms and Babes program.

What is compelling to us: “Covenant House PA truly is on the frontlines of addressing youth homelessness in the region through multi-tiered direct services,” explains Brian Jones, Grant Administrator for the Trust. “Their advocacy efforts help us all remain aware of the various factors that contribute to housing instability for our young people. Covenant House addresses the immediate, urgent needs of youth, while also offering extended services to address the unique circumstances of those who come to them. We at The Trust were particularly pleased to learn that CHPA recently expanded and increased the number of young mothers and babies served at their Crisis Center.”


Fits our mission: ”Through our Basic Needs program,” continues Jones, ”the Trust funds efforts to provide direct assistance to those in our community who are in need of the basics, especially the very young and older adults. By supporting the Moms and Babes effort of Covenant House, the Trust believes that the resources not only help young mothers but also contribute to providing babies with the best start possible under the circumstances. We hope that others who learn of these efforts will be inspired to support homeless mothers and their babies.”


In Partnership: “Covenant House PA offers coordinated efforts to ensure that youth in need have a safe and secure place to call home. While the Trust family is interested in this cause, we recognize that we are not positioned to become experts in ending homeless for youth. Covenant House keeps us aware of the evolving needs of young people, especially young moms with babies, and offers us rationale for their program decisions and insight into best practices.”

Independence Blue Cross Foundation


Independence Blue Cross launched the Independence Blue Cross Foundation with a mission to lead sustainable solutions that improve the health and well-being of the community.


The IBC Foundation complements and expands upon IBC’s nearly 80-year commitment to improving the health and wellness of our neighbors in southeastern Pennsylvania.


See Streetbeats here - an innovative music project the Foundation recently supported.



“The Independence Blue Cross Foundation (IBC Foundation) is a charitable, private foundation, whose mission is leading solutions for a healthier community. Through our multiple grant programs, we work to address national health priorities locally, promote the education and development of the healthcare workforce, increase access to high quality primary care services, and support nonprofit organizations addressing local wellness needs. Our impact is amplified through collaboration – we do not achieve this mission alone. We advance better community health by empowering organizations to innovate and serve our neighbors."


"Both the IBC Foundation and Covenant House Pennsylvania strive to empower our communities to make positive changes to impact their health and wellbeing. Through multiple initiatives, Covenant House addresses the physical, mental, emotional and social needs of the disenfranchised youth they serve. The IBC Foundation partners with Covenant House because we recognize their commitment to providing quality services in a holistic, caring manner.”


- Leah Rusenko, Foundation Program Specialist, Independence Blue Cross Foundation

The Weiner Family Foundation


The Weiner Family Foundation supports projects that improve the well being of animals, contribute to the eradication of sex and labor trafficking, help Jewish causes, and promote the health and well being of children.

We asked Bonnie Weiner, who along with her husband, Harvey, runs The Weiner Family Foundation to answer some questions for us about the experience of being one of our supporters. 


What was it about the work of Covenant House Pennsylvania that made you want to support us?
When I think about why The Weiner Family Foundation supports Covenant House, I am faced with the stark reality of what brings a young person to Its door.  What part of their lives was stolen due to abuse, neglect or trafficking? Covenant House provides a safe haven, a first step on the road to a better future for this fragile population.


Is there anything you feel makes Covenant House unique?
Covenant House is unique because its work with young people who are homeless provides a caring non-judgmental environment coupled with the time needed for positive choices to be made about their future.


As a donor, how have you found working with Covenant House?
It is vitally important for our family to have a relationship with the charities we choose to support.  Working with Covenant House has been enlightening.  We appreciate the time given to us to learn about the work that is being currently done.  We are also excited about the future expansion of Covenant House and the time when no one will be turned away for lack of space. 

van Ameringen Foundation


The van Ameringen Foundation funds innovative and practical programs for early intervention, advocacy, and increased accessibility of mental health services for people and communities with limited financial means and opportunities.

A representative of the van Ameringen Foundation noted that Covenant House Pennsylvania was “doing great work long before they got involved.” He hopes that funds received from van Ameringen will enhance and expand current efforts, and that the support of homeless youth will continue well into the future.


We are grateful for their support of Psychiatric Services for homeless youth.

Green Tree Community Health Foundation


Established in 2005, the Green Tree Community Health Foundation is a not-for-profit public charity whose purpose is to improve the health and well being of communities of northwest Philadelphia and eastern Montgomery County. Through ongoing needs assessments, it identifies certain areas of vulnerability in these communities and provides funding to organizations whose work will address these needs. Additionally, the Foundation looks for opportunities to develop initiatives where it can fund and provide needed services directly. 

“Green Tree Community Health Foundation has worked to create a healthy community within the Philadelphia area for more than ten years.  For many of those years Sue Endy, now a retired Foundation staff member, provided parenting classes to young parents at Covenant House. We are now excited to include Covenant House as one of our grantees as well!

Covenant House offers resources and services to a population often overlooked yet in great need. In our effort to serve all people within our community and increase access to health care, Covenant House is a strategic partner. The clinic at Covenant House provides a safe place with quality care, responding to a great need that no other local organization does.

As a funder, it has really been a pleasure working with the staff of Covenant House. Questions are answered promptly and staff have graciously hosted site visits for interested board members. We are consistently impressed by the commitment and quality of the staff! Covenant House is a valuable asset to the greater Philadelphia area.”

- Bethany Flood, LSW, Grants Program Manager 

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