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Street Beats is Covenant House Pennsylvania's music program, sponsored by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation. Street Beats teaches youth creative skills - how to record vocals, create beats, and fine-tune lyrics - and how to put them all together for the right sound. It also inspires homeless youth to face the challenges of their lives, which all too often include pain and rejection, and forge their experiences into works of art. Below is an example of the amazing talent and the potential of young people at Covenant House Pennsylvania.


All My Life is a song that was performed by a number of Covenant House youth at the end of 2018. They speak about the struggles and the pain of their young lives but the ultimate message is one of hope as they are determined to overcome these struggles and lead the lives they were meant to live. To all of the amazing youth who shared their talents on this project, we thank you. 


Written and produced by Q Worthy, Blurred Vision Entertainment


Lead Vocalist:  Angela Johnson


Rappers and Background Vocalists:
Alex Acosta-Vargas (rap)
Deyona Sherrod (vocals)
Essence Ford (vocals)
Jada Ford (rap, vocals)  
Jessica Yerger  (vocals) 
John Palmer
Shariff Jenkins (rap, vocals)
Tyree Attaway (rap)
Yasim Pierce (rap, vocals) 


"My song 'My Vison' is about my experience in the City of Brotherly Love. Growing up as a young black man who was considered the black sheep of the family, I struggled to find my way, but always remained positive. The song was written to shed light on what I’ve been through and how I use music to inspire and change the world." 

                                                                                                     - Edward aka Spazzz



"My song 'Progression' was a starting point for bigger and better things. It showed me that it’s possible to project myself through music and it encouraged me to move forward." 

                                                                      - Dominik aka Domino



“My song, 'A Mother’s Love' represents love to those who lack it. I want people to listen to the song to relate and feel the love that is lacking in their lives." 

                                 - Tania



"Attending the 'Am I Cut Out' event at City Hall really inspired me. Seeing all the cut-outs and thinking of all the youth who were told there wasn't a safe place to stay made me want to put my feelings into words. My poem, 'Turnaways', was finished just a few minutes later. I am so glad I got to record it for everyone to hear my words in my own voice."  

                                                                                                                            - Quadir aka Q



 "My song 'The Playground' is about making your relationship better, being happy and having fun." 

                                                                                                                                              - Jalil











  • Street Beats Logo Artist, Ryan Fuller

    Street Beats Logo Artist, Ryan Fuller


When looking to design the logo for the Street Beats program we asked our talented youth to submit their original designs to us for consideration. 


The winning design came courtesy of Ryan Fuller. Ryan has been drawing since he was a child and his skills have only grown as he has gotten older. "Drawing the Street Beats logo was a great opportunity. Music has always been a motivation for my art. Motivation creates opportunity, and when it knocks I'm going to open the door and let it walk right in. Mr. Carl has been so amped about the Street Beats program that it only helped to further motivate me to get pen to paper and create a logo that reflected that energy." 


Thank you Ryan for sharing your talents with us. Be proud that your logo will help symbolize a program that helps so many youth just like you. 


To learn more about Street Beats watch a story courtesy of CBS Philly here

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